Intelligent Finance

With the development of the transformation trend of smart banking branches, it is an urgent demand of banks to handle self-service, reduce labor cost, increase efficiency, improve service capabilities and competitiveness of branches.

In the past years, SNBC has provided customers with core technologies basing on printing, scanning, authentic identification etc, providing customers with key modules for the transformation of smart banking branches and desktop products to promote transform bank branches and achieve cost reduction and efficiency.

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Intelligent Logistics

As an advanced organization and management technology, modern logistics is considered to be another way for enterprises to increase profits in addition to reducing material consumption and increasing labor productivity. With the development of information technology, network technology and e-commerce technology, the development of modern logistics information has become an inevitable trend. The development of modern logistics is highly dependent on the collection, analysis, processing and immediate updating of large amounts of data and information.

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Smart Retail

For retail industry platform operators and consumer goods manufacturers, we provide intelligent terminal , system solutions and services to optimize distribution channels, restructure freight yard, and the improve consumer experience.

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More Industries

SNBC provide design, manufacture and ODM/OEM of scanning and printing product, intelligent terminals cover public services (social security, traffic police, medical), railways, lotteries and other industries, providing customers with intelligent equipment and system solutions,

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