SNBC follows with various international and domestic environmental protection laws and regulations, through technical innovation and management to achieve the purpose of environmental protection and energy saving, to provide customers with high quality products, and put effort on sustainable development of environment. SNBC wish to save on energy of its own and also promote environmental protection of whole society, build up a “green product, green enterprise and green earth”.

A complete environment management system

SNBC establish a complete environment management system involved design and development, supply chain control and customer services. All products have passed the certification of ISO 14001 and IEC QC080000. 

Throughout the life cycle of green environment protection concept

In product service and business activity, SNBC give full consideration on the requirement of environment protection, put green concept of environmental protection and technology into the whole life cycle, constantly promote the improvement of the production environment, reduce the environment load in the production operation.

To provide environment friendly product

The energy saving is one of the product design philosophy of SNBC, put green elements into product design process, actively promote the green innovation technology into the application of the various products, provide “environment saving “and “efficient convenience” green intelligent products and solutions.

Energy-saving project: rooftop solar photovoltaic system

In addition to developing its own green technologies and products, SNBC also promotes the use of green energy products to support the application of renewable energy. The company installed a rooftop solar photovoltaic power station in the industrial park. The total construction scale of the power station is 1299.2 kW, the photoelectric installation area is about 9727 square meters, and the annual power generation capacity is 1.42 million kWh. It can save 500.65 tons of standard coal, 55.51 tons of SO2, 1438.2 tons of CO2 and 3.297 tons of NOx

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